About Us


Welcome to Agra Mithaiwala. Since 6 decades we have been spreading sweetness with each bite. Its anytime, sweet time at Agra Mithaiwala, be it for festivals, weddings and religious ceremonies or just to treat your sweet tooth. Agra Mithaiwala sweets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to please all kind of tinkling taste buds. Our range of products not only include our famous pure sweets but also snacks, biscuits and combos.
Customer loyalty to the brand has also been built on the consistent quality of Agra Mithaiwala products which have retained their original and traditional taste over the years. Read More...

Taste of Happiness
Agra Mithaiwala also offers you the convenience of ordering your favourite sweets and savouries online. The same freshness and quality, delivered at your doorstep at the click of a button.
Any Time, Sweet Time



We offer a wide range of products and our chefs are constantly churning out new varieties throughout the year. In an effort to reach out to our calorie conscious patrons, we have introduced pure Sugar-Free and Diet Sweets.